This nation truly faces bright destiny

Branden Alford, Editor-in-Chief

   The year is 2076. In this future, our American future, individual thoughts simply don’t exist anymore. Religion is a dirty word. There is nothing left to fight for. Hope is gone from the eyes of everyone you pass on your way to work or school every morning.

   This is the future that we would be experiencing if the American story had gone any different. Time and time again, America’s history has overcome insurmountable obstacles to remain a stalwart for personal freedom and human rights.

   From this nation’s very conception, Americans have been securing a future of freedom and prosperity for generations to come. By winning the American Revolutionary War, we separated from a tyrannical ruler in favor of governing for and by the people, securing the “blessings of liberty to us and our posterity.” Our government was set up to insure that America’s future would be, and always will be, bright.

    What makes America special is that our soldiers have insured our freedom by sacrificing relationships, time, or their very lives. From the jungles of Vietnam to the deserts of the Mid-East, Americans have fought bravely and valiantly for people they didn’t even know, all in hopes that all might get to share in this great blessing.

   When a nation is willing to send valuable service men and women to fight for those who may not even be grateful for the service being provided them, its future is held in good hands because, unfortunately, some take waking up with all the blessings of our great nation as a given. Too many have become caught up in bashing someone on social media or complaining because the leader they thought was wrong for the nation is in elected office. Luckily, these naysayers have not become the majority.

   Man has proven over and over again that the future, no matter how bad it may look at the present time, will always be good. History proves that the negative will not surpass the hope living in every man. History proves that America will always be strong – even when faced with the worst humanity can devise. Democracy and freedom endure; our history promises that.

   The year is 2076, and America is a land of prosperity and freedom. Individual thoughts are respected and promoted. Religion flourishes even in its varied differences. Everything matters in the fight for freedom. Hope lives and breathes as a living thing, and hopelessness is never in the cards when it comes to our future. Our history proves otherwise.