Sarah’s Story Time: T-Swizzle drops new song; fans worldwide go crazy

Sarah Unruh, Editor-in-Chief

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Once upon a time, there was a new young country singer who became an instant role model for many young girls, as well as a major star. Her name? Taylor Swift.

   Swift has been a favorite singer of mine ever since her first album, Taylor Swift. She has made possibly one of the best transitions as an artist, wholly switching from complete country to pure pop over the course of her career.

   Her last album, 1989, was released in October of 2014, nearly three years ago. On Aug. 23, 2017, Swift announced the release of her upcoming album in November, Reputation, along with a new single the following day.

   This single, titled Look What You Made Me Do, received plenty of talk. Many are appalled by her apparent transition to a “darker” era of music, yet some love the change.

   I, for one, think it’s genius. Just by the way Swift has been received in the media over the last few years, it makes sense for a change in music; as well as for her first single to be a message to the world.

   “Her real fans are going to embrace it, any anyone else is just faking not liking it. Haters gonna hate,” said junior Alli Dunlop, an avid Taylor Swift fan.

   Swift leaves it all out there in her words alone, stating that “the old Taylor is dead.” Premiering four days later, she released a music video to go along with the single.

   The video references to how people used to call her a snake by showing her sitting on a throne surrounded by serpents. It also has similar choreography and editing as some other popular artists, supposedly intentional.

   Perhaps the most talked about part of the video is its ending, where Taylor openly mocks herself at her various “phases.” Multiple Taylors are digitally edited into the same scene, screaming at each other and accusing one another of “playing the victim.” One of the Taylors begins to cry, creating a hilarious satire of how many people view her.

   No matter how many haters try to cross her path, we all know that Taylor is just going to shake it off. The end.

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Sarah’s Story Time: T-Swizzle drops new song; fans worldwide go crazy