New school year brings new rules

Jeffery Stewart, Ad Manager

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As many students in BHS are aware,  the phone policy has changed. Although it is likely too early to say what was a success with this new freedom or what was a failure, I can already see some clear causes for concern, as well as happiness.

   “It is horrible,” said one student.

   Why? For starters, some think that the new policy could lead to his or her phone getting damaged in the holders. “One hook comes off and that could crack somebody’s phone,” said another student. This is certainly a valid concern.

   However, it is not all bad. According to Mr. Reed, phones may provide unique educational opportunities. I, and many other students,  also use their phones for communication between parents, friends, and lab partners. The school administration supports the use of cellular devices for this purpose.

   Mr. Reed also believes that it will provide moments for students to be more responsible and show integrity:  between classes, during lunch, and when work is done.

   Of course, the school administration has made certain limitations to what students can do on their phones. A big restriction regards social media, which has already garnered some controversy.

   “Students need to know they are not to use their phone during school hours for video or pictures, except by teacher approval,” said Mr. Reed.

   Of course, it is not ignorance of this fact that breeds disobedience. I think students use social media like Snapchat to communicate with one another. After all, social is in the name.

   I understand that we are barred from using it in such a manner because outside people may wonder why kids aren’t in class because of the time stamps.

   However, people only use Snapchat and other social media during the lunch period. Plus, these pictures disappear, unless someone screenshots them.

   Alright then.

   The restriction is somewhat self-defeating. If it is in the school’s power to change this, I absolutely think they should.

   Unfortunately, after speaking with numerous students at BHS, it is very clear to me that the majority of students plan to use their phones however they please, regardless of what the school has to say about it. Eventually, this will lead to the removal of all phone use, so this is a lose-lose all around.

   While I do not condone breaking rules in school, I understand why they do it, and I still do not think that any student should be punished for using social media during off-time.

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New school year brings new rules