Fundamental human rights extremely contentious in USA

Daniel Gifford, Editorial Editor

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One of the biggest and oldest issues in America is discrimination. That is why there are laws against it. Whether they affect the workplace, schools, or the government, we have protection.

   One of reasons for discrimination, as you know, is our views. Like it or not, we all are legally entitled to our own opinion per the First Amendment. It states that we have the freedom of religion, speech, press, peaceful protest, and petitions.

   Unfortunately, the very fabric of our nation is corrupted by those who take advantage of it.

  Some would rather oppress another’s view to make theirs more known. This is something that has been going on in the southern United States for decades.

   It all started with slavery in the early Americas and prevailed the American Revolution, the Civil War, and to present day even though we didn’t have the Constitution that whole time.

   Recently, there was an incident in  Charlottesville, Virginia, that revolved around statues of Confederate soldiers and leaders like General Robert E. Lee.

   Many were protesting the removal, including white supremacists like Neo-Nazis and the K.K.K. and had to be suppressed. The situation escalated to the point where one of these people drove a vehicle into the crowd of protestors!

   Of course these people are entitled and allowed to have their own opinion because of the First Amendment, but they were being buttheads about it. This issue is just too complicated.

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Fundamental human rights extremely contentious in USA