Back-to-school event changes: too crowded or big success?

Branden Alford, Editor-in-Chief

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  Coming back to school for the 2017-2018 school year has definitely been interesting.

    The biggest change this year has been with the events, specifically the back-to-school dance sponsored by the cheerleaders. Typically, one Friday night at the beginning of the school year is set aside for a dance, and then the following weeks would have been Midnight Madness and the Gatorade Scrimmage.

   This year was different, however, as all three events were packed into one long night.

   John Petrie, head football coach, said, “Mrs. (Diane) Marshall and I got together and decided that doing these activities back to back would be a fun way to promote [all] our school’s fall activities.”

    He continued, “I didn’t know originally know that there was going to be a dance before the games. I thought that the dance was a good idea [though].”

    The issue here isn’t with the format of the night. The only thing anyone had to say negatively about the way things were done was just how long a night it turned out to be.

   Dakota Jesse, sophomore, said, “It  was so tiring! I would have loved everything if it just wasn’t so long.”

   As a matter of fact, the only thing negative about the evening was the dance.

   As documented widely across social media platforms, the chosen DJ for the event did not get good reviews, influencing students to protest in a manner that kills dances. They sat.

   Then, when there was a good song to dance to, more problems arose.

   Courtney Goetz, senior, said, “I usually don’t become uncomfortable when people are grinding. This dance was different. I saw a line of girls grinding on each other! I wish people could come to the dance and just have fun without being inappropriate. When people do things like that, it becomes uncomfortable for everyone.”

   The night was almost saved, however, when Doug and Michelle VanderLinden took to the floor for a slow song.

    “It was so cute!” said junior Alli Dunlop.

    According to Mr. Petrie, there are plans to make the combo night a tradition.  We will survive.

   In the future, though, please keep the dance fun for everyone.

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Back-to-school event changes: too crowded or big success?