Small town needs new attractions

Branden Alford, Editorial Editor

Here on our Cat Tracks staff, we love living in the small town(s) in this general area, specifically in Burlington. The perks of living here over a larger city make a list too long to type in one setting. Still, there are certain things our community cannot provide for us.

   With this in mind, the staff listed off many of the things that would be amazing to have added to our town, starting with a larger dog park with more of an obstacle course for dog owners to train their canine companions or just have fun with them.

   Next, we believe that our recreational opportunities should be expanded to include many of the sports teams seen in other towns. These activities include a swim team, a school bowling team and soccer team, with the possibility of adding a tennis club as well.

   After enjoying these activities, it sure would be amazing to head over to our new local theatre (instead of driving to Emporia) to watch all the movies we would want to see without all the expenditure on gas. Also, this theatre could double as a performing arts center with a room designed for acoustic quality in mind for BHS theatre production or band concerts.

   Next, we NEED a Chick-Fil-A. Does there really need to be any reasoning here? Didn’t think so.

   A trampoline park, like a SkyZone, would definitely be amazing as well. A business such as this would draw interest to our town, bringing revenue. Also, it would just be really gosh darn awesome.

   Another thing this town needs is a club that would feature loud, popular music and non-alcoholic drinks with tiny umbrellas in them, as well as a room in the back filled with TV screens and gaming consoles. This would provide a safe, fun place for people to hang out.

   We also need Walmart to come  back. The local store provided jobs for high school students. Also, there are certain things that Walmart can provide, such as shipping in online orders, that other business in the area cannot provide.

   Lastly, Burlington needs more hotels/motels. Many members of the staff told how family members would have to drive all the way back up to Topeka to sleep in a hotel over the holidays when family members’ homes were already full. This needs to change.

   Now, we all know that there is not much that can actually be done because all these additions require money. We are hoping, however, for just one. Aliyah Shetler, sophomore and our staffs Ad Manager, has generously offered a free ad in our paper for any such business. So how ‘bout it Burlington? Ready for some new activities?