Brother vs. Brother: DC is best comic company ever

Branden Alford, Editorial Editor

  Welcome to the third edition of Brother vs. Brother, where my sibling and I debate many of the important issues facing our world today. Today’s topic is which comic book universe, Marvel or DC, is superior.

   First off, DC uses animation to perfection. It allows them to reach out to a broader viewership and age group.

  Next, DC uses the same villains in every movie and comic, creating the possibility of liking the villains too. Gradually, viewers even begin to love the bad guys the same way they love the heroes, generating a better overall story.

   This business is also better than Marvel since they take the comic business seriously, focusing more on human emotion and situations than its opponent who makes jokes out of very serious topics.

   DC tends to make their comics and movies cheaper as well, meaning a broader range of people can enjoy them.

   This comic group also stretches their stories out over many different issues, making them easier to understand since they don’t introduce new characters every three days.

   Their movies and comics are family-friendly, reaching children much better than Marvel ever could. Also, you don’t hear small children saying they want to grow up to be Iron Man or Hulk. They want to grow up to be Batman and Superman, both of whom happen to be DC.

   This company has another leg up on the competition, being that their stories have more plot and actually meaningful information, not the fluffy junk that Marvel throws in there to make two-hour movies or stretch the series out long enough.

   Lastly, all of the characters created by DC are solid enough to hold their own as independent franchises. Why would we even care about weak characters who need new super freaks created all the time just to support their terrible-to-begin-with plot lines? That is a question we all must answer. That is why you shouldn’t believe a word my lying brother says.