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Rose Wahlmeier, Editorial page editor

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There are several real world problems going on today. In case you are behind on the news, I will catch you up.
ISIS is Infants Snorkeling In Syrup.  There are videos posted daily of these American babies swimming in pools of syrup.
Ever heard of Global Warming? The latest fashion trend is coming back this season. People are wearing less clothing during the winter.
Presidential candidate Donald Trump is the current Democratic front runner. Truly, I cannot wait for his inauguration.
Other Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton,  had that crazy text message scandal. Maybe she should consider getting a new phone provider who doesn’t share her secrets.
Everyone knows about the Pope. Pope Francis is my future husband. Really, all you need to know about him is that he is Muslim.
How about that weather? Tornados have been having some massive parties down south.
On another note, Cali [fornia] is really heating up lately with droughtness. Really, people, you live right next to the ocean.
All these race problems are hitting the headlines, too. You think it’s just about running? Why do people think white people run better? We have the same legs.
There have also been lots of Target-ing occurring lately – of policemen, African Americans, etc.  It’s only a store, people. No need to be shooting it up.
Now that you have been all caught up on the latest news, you can join in at the lunch table when a conversation starts.


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