Life becomes easier with positivity

Jake Davies, New Editor

Doing the little things right can drastically change the outcome of whatever you’re trying to accomplish. Whether it’s the game winning out in a state championship or just making it through the day, putting yourself in a positive mood can make wonderful changes during your life.
Then when the time comes, your  attitude will make all the difference
Behavior is contagious. When someone is in a good mood, those around him don’t really have a choice because it’s really hard to be gloomy around such a happy person. Throughout the day, that happy-go-luck person could improve countless peoples’ day.
Plus, people will want to be around him.
Now keep in mind that it’s okay to have an off day or two. It’s almost impossible to keep in that good a mood all the time. The people who do usually turn out to be the ones you hear about on the Ten PM news.
That’s not saying that there aren’t perfectly normal folks who would be caught dead with a nasty look on their faces, but normally everyone has one of those days.
Also, be fearless and try new
Cut loose all worries; take hold of your problems and conquer them.
No matter what, try to always keep a grin on that face. Try to make at least one person laugh a day, even if it’s embarrassing. Just don’t worry about it.
All of a sudden, things will just start to happen the way they should. People will start being much kinder to one another, and it’s all because of the actions of one person.
Who knows; that one person could turn around the attitude of the entire community.
You get out of it what you put into it. Sitting through that math test thinking about how bad you’re doing on it isn’t going to help the score any. Rather than holding on to that depressing thought, think about how much time and effort you put into studying the night before and go own it.
Love this life, because like it or not, it’s what you’re stuck with. Don’t like the situation? Get up and go make a change for the better. Life is too short to mope around all the time.
So keep that positive attitude. In time, one comes to realize that keeping a good mood will become easier and easier with each passing week…until one day, it becomes natural.