Bullying must cease in high school years

Rose Wahlmeier, News Editor

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Have you seen someone get bullied this week? I have. I see it almost every day, and the sad thing is, I did not do anything to stop it. According to the National Bullying Prevention Center, nearly one in three students report being harassed during the school year. More than half of the bullying situations are stopped when a peer intervenes in the conflict. One specific group of people I have seen being targeted are ones with special needs. These kids are the sweetest kinds of people, and they are always taken advantage of. Students with disabilities are two to three times more likely to be bullied. Researchers have discovered these kids were more worried about school safety and getting injured, than students without disabilities. Approximately 81.9% of students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) were harassed in the last year based on their sexual orientation (National School Climate Survey, 2011). Almost 31.8 percent of LGBTQ students missed at least one entire day of school because they felt unsafe. (National School Climate Survey, 2011). Bullying has become something that happens every single day. I think the teachers could go about stopping the bullying in a better way. For example, when disabled students are being tormented, I see some teachers blame them instead of the students doing the damage. Some of them can’t help the way they act. Everyone needs to be empathetic. Help stop this horrible crime, and stand up for a victim that needs your support.

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