Younger sibling sees advantages, disadvantages to losing sibling bound for college

Rose Wahlmeier, News Editor

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I am the youngest of four siblings. Soon, I will be the last of those four in high school.
Many of us have older siblings, and this year those siblings might be leaving, too.
Luke will be heading to K-State in the fall, and I will be the final Wahlmeier to roam these halls.  It’s a bittersweet moment because I’m happy to see him grow, but sad I’m losing my best friend.
I was asked what an advantage was of having Luke not be here anymore. To be honest, there isn’t one.
One suggestion I have for others going through this same situation is to cherish this time together.   Speaking from experience, I know that older siblings in college do not come home all that often.
Enjoy the last summer they’ll be with you. Do stuff together, even if that is watching strange anime movies.
Both my sisters and my brother are now are growing up. We’re all going to go our separate ways and probably will only see each other on holidays. Isn’t that sad?
These are people that you’ve grown up with, so make the most of what you have together because you really do not have as much time as you think you do.

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