Winter heat valuable

Rose Wahlmeier, News Editor

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Things are getting crazy at BHS. Our Ag chickens are turning into penguins; the woodshop and welding class are using survival skills to last in the freezing temps.
The newspaper staff has come up with several unique tips to help you keep the bitter cold off our sexy hot bodies.
Start a trash can fire using our homework that teachers really thought we’d do.
Dress with five layers of pants, and four layers of shirts and sweatshirts. Once you are dressed, we will have sumo wrestling in the lunchroom.
Join the welding class to warm our hands with their welding torches. Don’t forget to wear goggles!
Go visit Ms. Kopfman to run five Ironmans, and we can guarantee you will not be complaining anymore.
Mr. Engel could make up some chemical concoction to produce heat to warm the school.
The lunch ladies could cook a five-alarm chili and you’d hold it in your mouth the whole day to keep it hot.
Tape hunting hand warmers in critical spots on your body to get heat.
Drive to Walmart and find the PJ section. Buy lots of onesies and STUCO could declare every day, Footie PJ day.
These suggestions should help you fight those shivers, and get some nice warm feelings going.

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