Obsessions can be dangerous

Rose Wahlmeier, News editor

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What is your definition of obsession? Google defines it as the state of being obsessed with someone or something. I will admit I am completely and totally obsessed with the TV show “The Office.” Who is not crazy about this show? Sadly the series is over, but you can watch all of the seasons on Netflix. I do this constantly, and once I finish the series, I begin again. Some may think this can get boring, but obsession never gets dull. I memorize many of the lines, so I can quote the show at any random time. Other obsessions consists of people, animals, and objects. I do not recommend going insane about people. You might end up getting a restraining order. Animals are not as bad. Just don’t turn into Mrs. Loucks, sitting in her basement watching viral cat videos. Objects can differ depending on who the person is. If you are like Gollum and cannot live without a ring, then you’re crazy. Don’t be like Gollum. Strive to be like Michael Scott, because “that’s what she said.”

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