Staffer blames parents for youth ways

Rose Wahlmeier, News Editor

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Has anyone noticed the change over the years in middle schoolers and now freshmen in high school?

Could it possibly be because their parents are giving them brand-new iPhones when they are eight years old?

I got my first phone for my 12th birthday, and I can promise you it was no iPhone. I had a flip one (yes, those still exist).

Parents giving their children smart phones at such young ages are changing their children for the worst, in my opinion.

Having one of these gives those children the opportunity to experience things they should not be knowing about and seeing for a long time.

   Young children are wearing shorter skirts, shorts, dresses, and shirts. Girls have more make-up on than a clown at a circus.

Is this all happening because they are attached to their smart phones, looking at pictures of models, celebrities, and people in their high school that they envy?

Fortunately, not all children are like this, but still. Honestly, who do you think is more common these days?

Obviously my opinion is that eight-year-old children should still be watching Hannah Montana.

What are you going to do with your children?

Introduce them to the cruel world we call the internet when they are babies?

Or wait until they are old enough to handle it?

This is bad parenting.

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