Laziness can provide many advantages as one’s life path

Rose Wahlmeier, Sports Editor

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How many of you sit on the couch all day long and play video games or watch TV?
I am definitely one of the people who do this.
Laziness is a very nice quality to have…except if your whole family is lazy, then nothing will get done. You have to have at least one active person.
I believe that there should be contests for laziness. People could just lie on a couch for hours on end. It might be boring to watch, but it would be a very easy contest.
Why can’t we have recliners in school? That would be so much easier. Just have desks that tilt back, and BHS would be perfect….sort of.
Also why can we not already have those flying things to do all our walking for us? I’m waiting, engineers!
Of course we would all gain about 1000 pounds to be exact, but it’s okay. We can just go get liposuction.
Another advantage of being lazy is that you will never have achy feet like all those silly athletes do.
You also get to have an enormous amount of time to sleep and be the biggest procrastinator in the world.
Some people may think that there are disadvantages to laziness. I am just appalled by this statement.
How in the world could there be disadvantages to just lying around for hours, not getting exercise, and eating a ton of fattening food?
People are crazy for running and actually trying to stay fit. They would have way more fun on a couch. Try it! 🙂

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