Student body frustrated by lack of PC privacy

Rose Wahlmeier, Sports editor

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You grab your favorite heels and pose in front of the mirror. Unfortunately, you have no one else to show them to. You are forever alone.

Fortunately for you, I have the perfect plan to solve your  predicament. Yes, I will tell you the perfect places to go to get a man.

Now I know what you are thinking. “How can you be an expert when you have never had and a man and probably never will?”

Don’t feel bad for thinking such an abrupt thing about me. It’s true. I’m probably the most forever alone person in this school.

However, what some people may not know is that I have met many a guy; I just was never able to make a move. Mostly out of fear.

Anyway, that is not the point here. The point is in fact how to get YOU, ladies, a man.

There are five places I can think of that you are sure to find a man; the quality of the guy will vary based upon you, but I will give you the tools.

The first is the place that almost every Rihanna song describes: a club.

I am not recommending getting a fake ID and clubbing, though. There is a teen place in Topeka called Pulse.

Second is pretty obvious: school. There are quite a few single people in BHS who are adorable, so choose wisely.

On September 11, 2001, terrorists rocked the United States’ world. One of the results was the Patriot Act, which now allows the government to spy on citizens.

Sadly, such a situation exists at BHS, to a much lesser extent, but still.  We are referring to our computers.

All students/parents were forced to sign a waver to release all of our privacy on the computer to the school.

We did not have a choice in the matter, because if we did not sign the waver, then we would not receive our laptop for class use.

This is because the school is technically our legal guardian while we’re in the building.  It’s called “in loco parentis,” in place of parents.  Hurray for being a minor.

Actually, even the teachers do not have privacy. The administration can go in and look at any e-mail, because they own the system.

Did you know the administration can  also search our purses, lockers, cars, bookbags, and phones?

Only a phone password can protect your privacy.

School clearly have a lack of trust. It makes the environment a little uncomfortable – even laptop screens can be viewed, thanks to Lanschool spy-ware.

Thus, teachers can yell at students for getting on e-mail, even when their work is complete.

In one incident, a certain girl was instant messaging a friend, and a certain teacher decided to spy on the computers. Then this instructor sent a pop-up message to the poor girl, telling her to say hi to her friend…and get off. Not funny.

Blocked sites are a real bump in the road, too. We understand they are firewalled (in part) because of inappropriate ads, but honestly, we do not think anyone pays attention to ads.

We wish the school could just install a password for downloads and to not block websites . . . possible?

In certain classes, we have a lot of research papers to do. When so many websites are blocked, then it is very hard to actually do the work.  They can be unblocked, but that takes valuable time.

In addition, we would love it if the system changed to where the firewall did not follow you to your house. We understand illegal downloading, but that traveling firewall is a demon!

Did you know that our school has the stricter rules than some surrounding schools?  We have friends in these places.

For example, Waverly is allowed to have three  games, iTunes, download pictures, and music.

In Lebo, they are giving the privileges of having no blocked websites and social media, according to our friends.

Even if the administration won’t give us some trust and freedom, can we at least decorate our laptop screens?

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