Awkward personalities celebrated

Rose Wahlmeier, Sports Editor

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I am the Queen of Awkwardness.
Whenever I meet new people, I usually scare them away because of what I say and how I act.
Most people think I’m crazy, but would that really be so bad? What’s wrong with being crazy? Nothing.
Just because I’m random and do strange things doesn’t mean I’m crazy.
Whenever I’m with my friends, I usually rub their faces. Is that weird?
Also my  English II teacher, Mrs. Loucks, has a sort of furry face so I always pet her. She doesn’t exactly like it…would you?
In  seventh grade, my friend, Haleigh Peterson, showed me the monkey walk. I still do this today and quite often, I might add.
The monkey walk is when you are just normally walking and then you jump, and when you land, your legs are spread and you’re pretty much squatting.
Once you acquire this position, you must run with your legs like this. It’s hard, but it’s super fun. My best-friend, Noelle Haselhuhn, does it too.
Another of my quirks is that I dislike creepy couples. Couples are pretty awkward anyway, especially for a little single turtle looking for a manly single turtle. Like Noelle……
It’s even more awkward when you don’t like the couple. You have this girl that’s your friend talking about her boyfriend and you just think the relationship is nasty.
Anyway, awkwardness is normal, people. Just accept it already. You bet your buttons that you’re awkward, too.

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