Does BHS student body overlook school band?

Rose Wahlmeier, Sports Editor

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How many of you actually watch the half time show at football games? I’m guessing not many of you do.

The band is very under appreciated. We work relentlessly to perfect our shows, but few ever watch them.

We don’t just perform regular marching. The band also sponsors the glow show.

Behind the scenes we are in a frenzy trying to put glow sticks all over our body to get ready.

We memorize, march, rehearse, and actually wake up early to come to sectionals at 7:15 in the morning three times a week.

For those of you that don’t understand what sectionals are, it’s when one or two music types come in to work on music individually like percussion, or brass.

The band also participates in marching festivals. We compete in three each year in Emporia, Coffeyville, and Andover.

These are as competitive as it gets. You can’t miss a step, or you will get counted off.

At the festival we are scored on different categories which add into the overall score. We can get a score of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, 1 being the best.

These events give your school a reputation. You don’t want to fail.

This is why we feel like we must be perfect to represent our school well.

During basketball season, we do pep band. I promise you, if we weren’t there, it would be less exciting, and the atmosphere would be completely different.

While you’re headed off to the Fifth Quarter, we’re staying back, taking down our stage.

No one sees how much effort it takes to pull off a band.

Hours of practice each week and relentless section leaders screaming in your ear 24/7 are just two examples.

You have to practice for band just like you have to practice for a sport. If you don’t, you will be awful.

Now that you are educated on what the band is really about, maybe you’ll appreciate us a little more.



some respect.

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