Students fight to stand tall against detrimental choices

Noelle Haselhuhn, Editor in Cheif

March 24, 2016

Students Against Destructive Decisions, SADD, is one of the numerous clubs that this school offers. The main goal of this club is to persuade students to make smart decisions by refraining from texting and driving, drinking alcohol, and using banned substances. At ...

Actors compete for glory

Madisson Jesse, Ad Manager

March 24, 2016

One may see them talking to walls and think they are crazy, but in reality they are rehearsing their pieces. Who are these kids, and what do they do? These are the actors of the school. They are involved in a performance competition called forensics. Officers of this club are Erika ...

WDYT: What Part Of Math Is Hardest For YOU?

Cameron Shilling, Editorial Editor

January 21, 2016


Christian group provides moral compass to BHS

Cameron Shilling, Editorial Page Editor

November 23, 2015

There are many groups and clubs at BHS, and one of them is Fellowship of Christian Athletes. It is more commonly known as FCA. FCA is a large club that is composed of 60 to 70 members. The officers are seniors Nathan Vander Linden who is captain,...

Club offers opportunities for aspiring tech students

Noelle Haselhuhn, Editor in Chief

November 23, 2015

Out of all of the clubs that are offered in this school, one represents the tech-saavy students well. TSA, or Technology Student Association, participates in many activities that brings students of all years together. Their mission ...

Spirit Spotlight

Noelle Haselhuhn, News Editor

January 14, 2015


Champion of Character

Aaron Dees, Sports Editor

January 14, 2015

Senior Antony Furse has been chosen as this month's Champion.  He has earned this for several reasons.  Antony is very friendly and hardworking in everything he does, say fellow classmates.  He participates in football and ...

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