Influenza sparks controversy at BHS

Abby Finlayson, Entertainment Editor

March 12, 2018

   According to the Centers for Disease Control an Prevention, there have already been 97 reported deaths due to the flu. The 2018 season has been very intense.    At the start of the season, families go in for their annual vaccination. ...

Top ten techniques to have fun doing math

Courtney Goetz, Sports Editor

October 18, 2017

Abby Finlayson joins staff

Alli Dunlop, Photographer

September 7, 2017

Sophomore Abby Finlayson is one of the many new members of the Cat Tracks staff. She uses her creatively and fun-loving personality as the Entertainment Editor. Abby choose to be part of the group because she got a letter asking...

Softball Spotlight: Madison Anderson

Olivia Link, Sports Editor

May 12, 2017


Baseball Spotlight: Veston Harderson

Whitney Wonser, Editor in Chief

May 12, 2017


BHS’ers share their favorite heroes

Whitney Wonser, Editor-in-Chief

April 10, 2017

   Ghandi, Jesus, Neil Armstrong, these are only a few of the many heroes throughout the world’s history. In today’s society, there are  several modern heroes as well.      Junior Taylr Bahr chose someone very clos...

Jobs you’d tickled to shadow

Aliyah Shetler, Ad manager

April 10, 2017

Students ask dates to PROMinent dance

Aliyah Shetler, Ad Manager

March 13, 2017

What major event, which happens on April 22, is more important than Columbus Day, Arbor Day, and St. Patrick’s Day combined? If you have not guessed it yet, you are obviously not going to Prom.    Prom is a day for girls to dress...

What is worse, being deaf or blind?

Rose Wahlmeier, Editor in chief

May 9, 2016

Handicaps are tragedies. Thankfully most people do not have to worry about the top two sensory handicaps: blindness and deafness. But what if you did have one of these disabilities? Which of these would be worse to live with? Freshman Olivia Link stated, “I would rather be deaf be...

Club assists community

Noelle Haselhuhn, Editor in Chief

May 9, 2016

If you are interested in a future career in business, FBLA is the club for you. It stands for Future Business Leaders of America. This club participates in multiple activities over the year. The club officers are senior Christian Isch as president, junior Reid Wi...

Students gain skills for agricultural future

Madisson Jesse, Ad Manager

May 9, 2016

As one can tell, there are several clubs at BHS that can offer different leadership positions, events, and learning opportunities. FFA, which stands for Future Farmers of America, however, is often said to stand out from the rest. This year, the club has 65 members. Lead...

Teens recall times when animals attacked

Cameron Shilling, Editorial page Editor

March 24, 2016

Wherever there are animals, there is always the one person who just looks too tempting not to attack, and he might get bitten. Now it is time to share some stories about these people who serve as a chew toy for their pets or someone else’s. One of the most common animals that sink...

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