Staffer experiences blindness

Delani Nichols, Ad Manager

November 5, 2019

   The time is 9:49, Sept. 11, 2019. I, Delani Paige Marie Nichols, am at the eye doctor.    Up until now I assumed it was a usual eye doctor appointment for me. I’d show up, do some tests, they tell me my vision is worse...

Removing Mondays could benefit everyone; obstacles can be solvable

Caedon Berkenmeier, Sports Editor

November 5, 2019

   Have you ever needed that extra day off of school? Time away from education could benefit students in many ways.    Mondays would be a great day to exclude from the schedule. This would include all school systems except daycar...

Under-appreciated sport’s rules explained

AJ Lank, Editorial Editor

October 16, 2019

   In a state where there is hardly any ice, most of us don’t appreciate the intricate sport that is hockey.    Here are some of the rules and regulations as well as some interesting facts that might begin your love of hockey. ...

Senior recalls extremely eventful, busy vacation

Zachary Garner, News Editor

October 15, 2019

   Oh, summer; how we always look forward to you and hate when you leave. However, we love the act of thinking back on all of the glorious things we were able to do in the short time given. So, I hope everyone is prepared to...

Past FACS teacher lambasts journalism staffers

Kayla Taylor, 2018-2019 FACS teacher

October 15, 2019

Dear Editor of Cat Tracks,    I was pleased to see an opinion piece featured on the front page of last year’s paper on the topic of life preparation. Pointing out students’ needs and feelings on this topic is a great conversation...

Junior reveals cursed comments within ‘Publications Cave’

Seth Jarvis, Editor in Chief

October 15, 2019

I have been on the newspaper staff for about a year now. This year we had seven veterans return to the staff of the newspaper. It is definitely an odd, chaotic group.    This year, we had five newbies join us. It seems these people have ...

Newsies discuss raid locations

Jacob Dugar, Editorial Editor

October 15, 2019

   What’s your favorite number? Is it three? Maybe it’s seven? Well ours is 51.    What started off as just a meme eventually became reality as internet vigilantes actually went to raid Area 51. Instead of creating a ...

School needs Gaming Club

Brylee huber, News Editor

October 15, 2019

Burlington High School has many activities, but a lot of people are still under-represented. What this school really needs is a gaming club.    People are labeled as losers if they spend their time playing games instead of ha...

Editor gets nostaligic about old Netflix shows

Emmy Furman, Editor in Cheif

October 15, 2019

People have been watching Netflix for years. This streaming app offers a ton of shows to binge watch on the weekends.     While Netflix does have many good original series and short series from other companies, there are always c...

Junior analyzes music types for general emotions, beat

Allie Schneider, Entertainment Editor

October 15, 2019

In the sea of songs that roll though our world, it‘s hard to find what might catch our ear. I’m here to hopefully give you songs for a range of vibes.    First off, I’ll give you my favorite song from my favorite band, ...

Staffer experiences loss

Mckinley Anderson, Sports Editorial

October 15, 2019

Not many people have been through what I have. My dad hasn’t been here for one year, three months, and 14 days. Yes, I count every painstaking day.    Hopefully no one will have to go through the torture of losing a parent, but I just ...

Staffer reflects on growing up

A.J. Lank, Editorial Editor

September 10, 2019

Memories: the one thing I can never have enough of. Lots of memories cloud my mind, but others are lost deep in my thoughts from the time before...the time before reality hit.     You know what I’m talking about? We were little kids and thoug...